HERC Graduation

2016 HERC Graduates

THE HERC Graduation ceremony is a God-honoring event intended to celebrate home educators and their High School and Jr. High graduates.

Each year home-educated graduates from a variety of schools gather together for a formal ceremony followed by a reception dinner. This year we will be celebrating our 24th graduation ceremony!

The costs involved are financial as well as “time” oriented. There is a required interview with potential grad and parents, two other mandatory meetings, a fee of $150 per high school grad as well as participation in our annual Graduation Auction. (Fee for Jr. High grad $50) (Fees and auction proceeds contribute each year to the sit-down dinner reception and our $1,000.00 HERC Legacy Scholarship fund.)

If you are interested in more information concerning our graduation ceremony, please plan on attending our Orientation meeting at 5 p.m. on Thursday October 1, 2020 at Calvary Chapel Bakersfield, 6501 Schirra Ct in the 200 building. At this meeting you will find out more details about the graduation ceremony and yearlong activities leading up to graduation week and the ceremony.

Questions? Please contact us.