Philosophy 1 (College prep)

  This class is comprised of two semesters. The first semester the students will be able to identify the four major competing worldviews: Biblical Christianity, Marxism/Leninism, Secular Humanism, and Cosmic Humanism. They will also obtain a working knowledge of philosophical terms and their meanings. The second semester will focus on these four worldviews within each of the ten disciplines of theology, ethics, psychology, sociology, biology, philosophy, history, law, politics, and economics. A wide variety of teaching techniques and experiences will be implemented, such as videos, skits, artwork and discussions. Recorded readings of the text will be made available if needed. Required text: The Battle for Truth by David Noebel copyright 2001 ONLY (PLEASE NOTE:  This text is out-of-print, but available online for $0.01 and up--used. A few texts available in HERC library) Supplies fee includes class notebook, all homework pages and supplementary materials.