Introduction to Shakespeare

This course will introduce students to a number of Shakespeare’s most popular plays, including both comedies and tragedies. Students will read the assigned plays at home, and then read scenes aloud during class. Students will also answer questions from “Tales from Shakespeare” to learn the background information for each play. Students will also complete a project or short paper on a topic relating to Shakespeare’s era. Tutor will briefly discuss the life and accomplishments of Shakespeare.  *Note: This course should not be considered a college prep course. It can be considered as a basic literature class (perhaps cover reading for 7th/8th grade), a fine arts class, or an elective.  Required Curriculum: 1) Tales from Shakespeare ($11.99 from, or $3.99 download from 2) Shakespeare Plays: $4.00 to $6.00 depending on the version: Recommended: Folger Shakespeare Library or No Fear Shakespeare).