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Economics College Prep

Economics is the second semester of a student’s 12th grade requirement. This class will deal with the economics of countries and people from a biblical perspective. Topics covered include free enterprise, capitalism, free market, wealth and stewardship, and economic roles of individuals as well as government. There is much discussion, as well as projects, video clips, and class interaction. NOTE: Each component may be taken separately; Together with Government Class, these count as the 12th grade history core classes. Curriculum required: info given at the time of registration. A notebook, binder and writing utensils are required. Contact Diane Baker with questions or to be added to Temporary Class Roster <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>



Partial payments are not available at this time.


$275 + $20 HERC fee = $295






Thursdays, Period 2: 9:25-10:45 Second Semester only

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