British Literature - English 12 College Prep

Grade: 10-12 full year This course is a survey of British literature from the Middle Ages through the Modern Era. However, our second semester will be a study of the works and life of C.S. Lewis. We will be reading a selection of his works covering some of his novels for children, science fiction, fantasy, myth and various essays. The first semester will include an overview of four major literary periods: The Middle Ages, The Renaissance, The Age of Revolution and The Age of Reform. This Christian historic approach to British literature will concern itself with the political and historical ideas and their influence upon the authors. The class format will include lecture, discussion and reading, as well as audio/visual teaching aids. Most of the homework assignments will focus on essay responses to the reading. A year-long syllabus will be sent home to ensure communication between parent/teacher, student and class/instructor. Curriculum Required: British Literature for Christian Schools Bob Jones University Press (1992 and newer editions). Available for order from : or  A few copies are available in the HERC library.  The second semester, students will need the following works by C.S. Lewis. The Magician’s Nephew, The Screwtape Letters, The Great Divorce, Out of the Silent Planet and Till We Have Faces.  NO ELECTRONIC TEXTS PLEASE. Many texts are available from the Public Library. Supplies fee includes a class notebook with all homework pages and assignments. Contact Carla Muller with questions or to be added to Temporary Class Roster <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>