Biology co-op

Apología Science Biology Course Full year course   Fees: $40 Herc fee per student, $10 per class to teaching parent of the week, dissection kit   As this is a more traditional co-op, we will expect parental involvement. We will have a parent room if there are small children who need to be attended separately. We are planning to sign up for teaching lessons and also take turns assisting with overseeing childcare for parents who may be teaching that have a small child. If you are more comfortable watching the children than teaching a lesson, we can negotiate around that. This class will be open for a maximum of eight families. We are trying to keep numbers small and maintain good distance between students. We will have a box of masks if anyone would like to wear one, and during lab time when students may be sitting right next to one another we will ask that they will wear a mask if at all possible. Once you’ve committed to be a part of this co-op we will have a separate meeting outlining how we will run the sessions and have an opportunity for parents to look over the lessons and choose which weeks they would like to teach. If we have a good size class we will have less classes each parent will need to teach. Share the news and we look forward to studying with you this year!! Contact: Lori Byrd 661-378-5330 Rebekah Blanca (661) 805-1465