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Health is about stewardship: managing what you have as well as you can. This 15-module course, which includes both a hardcover textbook and a spiral-bound notebook, covers the physical, nutritional, emotional, and spiritual aspects of growing into a healthy adult. Students will study the human body systems, senses, genetics, temperaments, and physical influences on thoughts and feelings. The course respectfully covers mental illness and emotional stability, as well as the inestimable value of another human being, our culture, our gender roles, our families, socialization, communication skills, and conflict resolution skills. Students will gain an in-depth knowledge of both macronutrients and micronutrients, including the importance of exercise and proper diet. Over 50 projects, noted in the textbook and included in the student notebook, cover materials such as nature versus nurture, personal temperament, good decision-making skills, boundary setting, analyzing food intake and activity levels, creating good hygiene habits, keeping a sleep record, as well as so much more.

This is a whole health course covering important aspects in these areas of our being:
•    Physical: enough vitality for life and activities
•    Social: secure group of family and friends
•    Mental: firm grasp on reality
•    Emotional: the control to express feelings
•    Spiritual: confidence that you are growing in your relationship with God

At its core is the understanding that humans are created in the image of the one, true God and are His image-bearers. As such, we are to steward His gifts to us with excellence. This class is considered a college-prep level course.

It is not an anatomy and physiology text, but this course covers the basics of how nutrients are absorbed by the body and which ones are essential to our diet.

It is not a Bible study, but the author explains that a relationship with God through His Son, Jesus Christ, is the only way to have true peace in life.

Subjects covered are:
•    Exercise
•    Immune Function
•    Physical Influences on Thoughts & Feelings
•    Mental & Emotional Health
•    Healthy Interpersonal Relationships
•    Nutrition & Hydration

There are three components required to successfully complete this course.
•    The student textbook contains all of the health content that the student will study during the school year.
•    The student notebook contains all of the project instructions, study guides, and exams.
•    Show up for class.

Taking good notes while reading a high school science text can make the difference between mastering a concept and not quite understanding it. Good notes provide the following advantages:
•    Students stay focused on what they are reading.
•    Students pay closer attention, which will increase their retention.
•    Students have their own version of the text to review for tests.
•    Students learn to connect new information to what they already know.

The Student Notebook for this homeschool high school health and nutrition course is specifically designed to help students be independent and take responsibility for their studies as they gain and maintain the personal abilities to create structure and logic through note taking.

Exploring Creation with Health and Nutrition suggests a schedule of three days per week of study for every week during the entire school year. On average, it will take a student an hour of study each of those days, at a minimum, but students may find it will take more hours than that. Some projects will require additional time, and students should plan for this in their schedule.

There is a high degree of expected maturity to comprehend and sensibly discuss a whole-health course covering mature topics such as depression, and alcohol & drug abuse to succeed in this course.

Parental Note: This is a full health textbook. Some students may not be mature enough to discuss some of the topics and this would be important to know about your student. Although the reproductive system is covered in detail including accurate, yet respectful, illustrations and descriptions, as the text respectfully discusses the act of marriage, sexual misconduct, pregnancy, and sexually transmitted diseases, this last chapter will NOT be covered in class as I feel it is the parent’s decision to instruct their student in this matter as they see fit. We discuss alcohol and drug abuse, depression, and other topics that also require maturity. Please use your knowledge of your student(s) to discern and decide if this course is appropriate for their maturity level. Please preview all of the ‘Table of Contents’ to decide if your student has the maturity level ready to discuss the topics covered.

This is a class which can fulfill the Health Science requirements for high school courses that some states require.

Apologia has worked hard to provide information in both medical and Christian terms so that
controversy may be minimal. Apologia does not openly support any one main view because they recognize that each family has the right to decide what is right for its family members. For example, they cover the topic of vaccines. They discuss the science of what a vaccine is, how it works, and the desired outcome. They discuss immunization choices, the successes of vaccination, at-risk populations, and even the great divide over vaccination. Regardless of what they publish, they humbly recognize that there may be some criticism and perhaps a better way that they could have stated materials. When this occurs, they ask that you forgive them their error and recognize that they would never intentionally usurp parental rights in deciding what is best for their family. They also want to make sure that parents are aware that they respectfully cover other issues such as drug abuse. This is why both Apologia and I state that only mature students should take this course. Parents have every right, and we support their decision, to skip certain materials in the book.

Textbook and Student Workbook:
Order both the textbook and the student workbook at one of the following websites:
•    Apologia website
o    Apologia Basic Set – Health and Nutrition $89.95
•    Christian Book Distributors
o    Exploring Creation with Health and Nutrition Course (Textbook & Student Notebook) by Laura Chase $71.25 (saving 25%)

•    To register for class please go to HERC website (, print out the following forms, and bring them to Registration, filled out and ready to turn in:

  • Student-Parent Contract (one for each student)
  • HERC Membership (one for each family)
  • Medical Release Form (one for each child)
  • Please read the Student and Parent Handbook
  • Families with Last Names beginning with A through L – Orientation/Registration is at 9:15 a.m. at the HERC Chapel on August 27, 2020.
  • Families with Last Names beginning with M through Z – Orientation/Registration is at 10:15 a.m. at the HERC Chapel on August 27, 2020.

  • When: Thursdays, Period 3 (10:50-12:10 pm), Room 4
  • Cost: Class Fee $240.00 + HERC Fee $40.00 for the full year/per student
  • Minimum Number of Students: None