Classes by Larissa Self

Algebra 1 - Two year course

Larissa Self

This is a two year algebra class for students that struggle with math. We will take time going over multiplying, factoring, variables, polynomials, graphs, integers, prime numbers, and factors. Text: Keys to Algebra - there are 10 individual booklets; we will cover 5 booklets per year. Cost: About $50-$60, depending on source (CBD is more expensive). Note: Instructor will be available for additional tutoring if needed Minimum Number of Students: 1

  • When: First year (books 1-5), Tuesdays, 8-9:20am; Second year (books 6-10), Tuesdays, 9:25-10:45am
  • Cost: Full year $408 + HERC fee $40= $448; Per Semester $204 + HERC fee $20= $224
  • Minimum Number of Students: 1