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Heidi Oxford

PERSONAL FINANCE:  This is a semester length course for high school students to help prepare them to be responsible stewards of their financial matters as they transition into adulthood, encouraging them to not get into debt as they begin this phase of life.  Topics that will be covered include:  savings, budgeting, credit, debt, financial planning, insurance, income, taxes, and giving.  Classroom time will be spent in lectures, discussions, videos, tests, and (as available) guest speakers.  At home, the students will read and fill out assignments in their text workbook, as well as keep their own simulated budgets and tracking expenses.  They will need a folder with 3-hole prongs, and notebook paper.   Curriculum required:  Foundations in Personal Finance, High School Edition by Dave Ramsey.  Best price ($25-30) is usually found at Rainbow Resources or  Contact Heidi Oxford with questions or to be added to the Tentative Class Roster.       <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.> (please note the "period" between "HERC" and "Oxford")  This course will also be open to HERC graduates

  • When: Thursdays Period 4 (sem 1) Thursdays Period 5 (sem 2)
  • Cost: Cost: $225 + $20 HERC fee + $10 supply fee = $255
  • Minimum Number of Students: 8