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Ballroom and Social Dance Classe

Emma Warren

Students will be taught the steps and patterns in the most basic of Ballroom dances at first  Once they have all learned their basic footwork for each dance, the boys will be taught to lead and the girls to follow the various patterns of the dance. Other topics will include the five basic foot positions used in all forms of dance, how to count the music, how to listen and identify the beats of music, how to determine downbeats and upbeats, and how to know on which beat to start. They will be taught how to properly spin and turn, both alone and with partners. They will also be taught dance floor etiquette, which includes how to properly and politely ask and accept an invitation to dance, rules of direction to progress around a dance floor, where on the floor the stationary dancers must remain, which dances are progressive and which are stationary, how to avoid running into other dancers, and the polite and acceptable reasons to turn down a request to dance, and how to do it kindly and respectfully. The male and female students will continually change partners every few minutes throughout the class sessions so that everyone will have an opportunity to dance with everyone else. This will give them experience with leading and following different partners, and dancing with people who are more and less proficient than they might be, as that is what it will be like in the real-life situations they will experience.   No materials are needed; however, students are expected to wear shoes with leather or plastic soles, as they must dance on carpet (or concrete) and rubber soles do not allow them to slide or spin properly.  Cost: $150 per semester plus non-refundable $20 HERC fee  (20% discount for two siblings and 30% for 3...etc.) Pre-requisites: Ages 13-17  No dance experience necessary Minimum number of students: 6   Contact Emma Warren for questions or to be placed on Temporary Class Roster <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>

  • When: Thursday, Period 5, 1:45 p.m. through 3:05 p.m., (venue TBD)
  • Cost: Cost: $150 per semester plus non-refundable $20 HERC fee
  • Minimum Number of Students: 6
  • Prerequisite: Ages 13-17, No dance experience necessary