Classes by Bob Ross

Acrylics and Watercolor Painting Techniques, Pastels and Drawing - Same Course offered Thursdays Periods Three, Four and Five

Bob Ross

These Art classes will divide the class times between both Watercolor on paper and expanding your Art talents with Painting with the vast color combinations of Acrylic Painting techniques on canvas.   We also will be experimenting with students doing Digital Photography with their phone and cameras in all class periods. Lessons in Painting, Drawing, and some Art History Lessons.Minimum Number of Students:  9 per period. Cost: per semester $230.00 includes the $20 HERC fee = $230.00 Tutor: Bob Ross    Grade: 5 -12 (5th grade student IF mature, and self-Disciplined, and is able to work on their own projects.) Semester 1 & 2nd Semesters*  When: Thursdays Periods 3 or - 4 -or 5.    Cost: per semester $230.00 this includes the $20.  HERC fee = $230.00*  Minimum Number of Students: 9 per period  (plus instructor makes 10 people in the room)* Prerequisite: none   Contact Bob Ross with questions or to be placed on Temporary Class Roster : <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>    

  • When: Thursdays Period Three, or Four or Five
  • Cost: per semester $230.00 includes the $20 HERC fee = $230.00
  • Minimum Number of Students: MAXIMUM students per class period = 12
  • Prerequisite: none